Zesty Systems Inc.

Smartphone high-end accessories manufacturer

About Us

Zesty systems was established in Tokyo, 2009. It was one of the earliest companies that acquired the MFi(Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad) license from Apple. We focus on the production of high-end iPhone accessories.

The iPhone 3G was announced in 2008, and we developed the world’s first SD memory adapter for the iPhone in 2009. After that, we developed many products targeting the consumer market, such as an infrared communication adapter, an RFID reading and writing adapter, a visible light communication SDK, a multi-function wireless remote controller, etc. The most recent product we have put on our online store is the ZGR and SmartShutter series, a new iPhone accessory product made for the Nikon SLR camera.

Our main business partners are:

  • Panasonic Corporation
  • TAMURA Corporation
  • Softbank Corporation

Contact Us

Zesty systems Inc. has offices in Tokyo, Japan and Shanghai, China. We provide OEM/ODM mass production development for iPhone accessories and other embedded software and hardware.

We have already developed several prototype products. We are now looking for business partners who can help us with product development and production. We are also looking for venture capital investors and strategic partners.

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If you have comment, problems, or questions, we’d love to hear from you! We would greatly appreciate being allowed to use your comment, compliment, complaint, or suggestion for the betterment of our products our service, so please include a line in your e-mail giving us permission to do so. We will not assume permission unless it is explicitly stated. Thank you.
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Our Objective

In the next three years, the worldwide smartphone market is forecast to grow to a 30 billion dollar USD scale and the number of smartphone users will reach one billion. We utilize our keen powers of observation, high-level technical skills and variety of sales channels to build a firm position as high-end iPhone accessory vendors. Zesty systems contributes to the creation of a convenient, comfortable life!

Core technical areas:

  • Design and development of embedded software and hardware
  • Communication technology (Bluetooth, IrDA technology, VLC Visible light technology, WiFi and etc)
  • Smartphone App development