ZGR-1, GPS Unit and Timer Remote Control

For location shooting, Shutter release, Long-exposure,
Continuous-exposure and Time-lapse

 Designed for all photographers

All photographers want to take beautiful pictures. ZGR-1 will help you prevent the camera from shaking, and offer superior functionality to increase the usefulness of the Nikon DSLR. On top of the iPhone’s ease-of-use, the application’s GUI is designed to user friendly. ZGR-1 offers shutter release, remote setup of exposure time, and GPS information functionality. Buy ZGR-1, then then download the app from the App Store. For details please refer to the user's manual.

 One App, Two Accessories

We provide two types of ZGR accessories which are compatible with different connector shapes of Nikon SLR cameras. The ZGR-1a is compatible with Nikon D3, D4, D800, D700, etc. The ZGR-1b is compatible to D90, D5000, D7000. both types work with iPhone/iPod touch/iPad devices. Please check your Nikon SLR camera and Apple devices before purchasing, and refer to the user's manual for details.

mfi_logos MFi Licensed Products

Our product has passed the strict tests from apple corporation, and has been authorized to MFi product. The appearance of the product and package are deigned to fit he apple device. We have performed sufficient test over the compatible devices.

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Be sure to read this manual thoroughly before use.


 Location Tracking(GPS Unit)

Whether you’re driving through Africa on an adventure, taking a walk in Greece, or watching the sunrise in Uluru Australia, ZGR-1 records your journey.

 Shutter release

Photograph a cute baby crawling, or leave a dazzling smile in a graduation album. ZGR-1 can help you reduce camera shakes and increase the sharpness of your photo. We let you focus more on the object to help you to catch the best moment.

 Continuous exposure

Photograph the growth of a bamboo shoot every 10 minutes, photograph a thunder cloud every 5 minutes, photograph the exit of the subway station every minute. We can discover the miracle of life by watching our planet.


The constellation Leo visits the winter sky every year. Use your long-exposure lens to capture the brightness of the stars


Time-lapse is a technique to connect a series of photos to create an animation.. Our app provides functions to insert text page and music. We will introduce the details of time-lapse photography in our blog.We’d love for you to send your work to us!

 Information of sunrise, sunset and compass

We provide information on sunrise and sunset times, as well as a compass. These quality of life functions exist purely to make your job easier.