New Products:Made for iPhone/iPad, NFC RFID Reader/Writer

Case Type and Pad Type, Support ISO 14443A/B, ISO 15693, Felica


Control Nikon DSLR with iPhone

ZGR-2, Wireless GPS Unit and Timer Remote Control. Features include shutter release, long-exposure, continuous-exposure, and time-lapse.


SmartShutter Series

Timer Remote Controller and GPS Logger for Canon/Sony/Olympus/Pentax Cameras. Supports taking photos with iPhone’s shake function.


It's time to upgrade your camera

We just launched a new project 'Pinout: a smart, versatile gadget for your camera' campaign on Indiegogo. It is new version of ZGR series. Contribute today and share with friends.

ZGR-1 Cable

Works with Nikon DSLR, GPS Unit & Timer Control

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ZGR-2 and SS series

Works with Canon/Olympus/Sony/Pentax, GPS Logger & Timer Control

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Core Features
  • GPS Unit and Logger
  • Shutter Release
  • Timer Remote Control
  • Take with Shake and Volume Button
  • Tools like Compass, Sunrise timer etc.
  • Location Shooting(GPS)
  • Shutter release
  • Continuous exposure
  • Long-Exposure
  • Time-lapse
Control your Camera with your iPhone

GPS Unit/Logger and Timer Remote Control, PayPal

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