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Zesty Systems Inc. of Japan to release the ZGR-2 and SmartShutter accessories that allows iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad products to control cameras.

Zesty Systems Inc. has announced that is releasing the ZGR-2 and SmartShutter accessories to provide superior functionality to Nikon, Canon, Sony, and Olympus Digital Cameras.

The products work with smart phones (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad models included) to provide long exposure time control, shutter release, GPS logging, etc. By offering these functions combined, the cost of such a complicated piece of equipment is dramatically reduced.

The accessaries can be purchsed from store, and accept PayPal order, shipped all over the world.

The accessories can be purchased from Amazon, and through Paypal at Zesty’s homepage with global shipping. All photographers want to take beautiful pictures. ZGR-2 will help you prevent the camera from shaking, and offer superior functionality to increase the usefulness of the Nikon DSLR. On top of the iPhone’s ease-of-use, the application’s GUI is designed to be user friendly. ZGR-2 offers shutter release, remote setup of exposure time, and GPS information functionality.

The accessories use Bluetooth 4.0/LE, the latest in wireless technology, which uses only a little power to send information a long distance. The device works from 30 meters (98 feet) up to 60 meters (196 feet) away, which allows for easy self photography and animal photography.

Compatible Apple devices and cameras are listed at Zesty’s homepage:

About us

Zesty systems was established in Tokyo, 2009. It was one of the earliest companies that acquired the MFi(Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad) license from Apple. We focus on the production of high-end iPhone accessories.

We are now looking for business partners who can help us with product development and production. We are also looking for venture capital investors and strategic partners.

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