SmartShutter & ZGR-2 Manual

GPS Logger/Unit and Timer Remote Control Accessory

ZGR-2 is a product that allows wireless remote-control of NIKON cameras by smartphone. Its functions include sending GPS information from smartphones to Nikon digital cameras, recording location data in EXIF photo information while taking a photograph, long-time exposure, setting continuous multiple shoots, long-distance remote-control shoots, taking a photograph by shaking the smartphone, as well as controlling multiple cameras with one smart phone, etc.

SmartShutter is a product that allows wireless remote-control of CANON, OLYMPUS, SONY, and PENTAX cameras with a smartphone. Its functions include long-time exposure, setting continuous multiple shoots, long-distance remote-control shoots, taking photographs by shaking the smartphone, as well as controlling multiple cameras with one smartphone, etc.

For the SmartShutter accessory without the GPS recording function, smartphone software provides the function of GPS tracking which helps users integrate GPS data into EXIF photo information during post-processing.

After set shooting begins, exiting the application on the smartphone will not affect continuous recording of GPS data. This product has low power consumption which ensures that it will last through long photo sessions.

In addition, this product can be used as a manual release cable which provides more stability, convenience and reliability during photography.

Remote-control photography allows for easier shoots when quick reactions are important, such as when photographing animals, extreme situations, or field surveying.

This product has two components: the camera accessory and the smartphone app.

1. Accessories

² ZGR-2a, ZGR-2b, SS-C1,SS-C2,SS-O1,SS-S1

2. Software

Smartphone application SmartShutter (Free download)

² FOR iPhone series users, please download SmartShutter Application(free) at AppleStore

² For Android series users, please refer to the latest information on our Homepage:





ZGR-2a has a 10-pin connector shown as follows



ZGR-2b has a 10-pin connector shown as follows:



Camera models


This product includes both ZGR-2a and ZGR-2b. Please confirm your digital camera models before purchase.


Description Camera Models



Accessory description


The SmartShutter Accessory is composed of a control unit and a cable. Please confirm your camera model and interface before purchase. The following figure shows the control unit and cables.



How to install and remove the control unit battery.


The CR2032 button battery is installed in the control unit. Open the box from the back to change the battery.


Step1. Remove the screws



Step2. Push the cover horizontally, following the direction of the arrow. (Never pull open the cover directly.)



Step3. Change the CR2032 button battery. (Hold the base while removing the battery.)



Step4. Push the cover horizontally, following the direction of the arrow.



Step5. Replace the screw. (Be careful not to push too hard, so as not to damage the screw’s thread.)



Accessory Assembly


Connect The Audio plug cable to the audio interface of the control unit and the other end to the remote-control interface of the camera as follows. (For example see SS-S1)



Camera Models


The four products displayed here correspond to the following digital models in this figure. Please confirm the manufacturer and model of your camera before purchase.

Description Camera Models

iPhone 4S/5,iPod 5,iPad 3/4/mini

  iOS 5.1 or later


Android Smart Phone: Because the Android smartphone has many complex and diverse versions, please refer to the latest information on our homepage.


Step 1. Power off the camera

Be sure to power off the camera before connecting to avoid malfunction.

Step 2. Connect to the camera’s remote-control interface

Connect ZGR-2a round connector to the corresponding interface of the camera as shown and tighten the fixing.

Connect ZGR-2b square connector and confirm as shown.

Step 1. Power off the camera

Be sure to power off the camera before connecting to avoid malfunction.

Step 2. Connect to the camera’s remote-control interface

Connect to the corresponding interface of the camera as shown.

Press the button on the control unit to start

Attention: In order to extend the battery life, the control unit will automatically enter into an idle state when not in use. Press the button on the control unit to reconnect with your smartphone when you need to use it again.

Step 1. Power on the camera


Step 2. Check to make sure the smartphone software is installed

If the application is not installed on your smartphone, download as follows:

² For iPhone users: Download the SmartShutter application from the Apple Store for free

² For Android users: Please refer to the latest information on our homepage.


Step 3. Set Bluetooth before starting the application

The products cannot work without activating Bluetooth. For iPhone users, start Bluetooth as follows.


Step 4. Start the application

Start the SmartShutter application. The following screen will appear. See an example of the ZGR-2a model below.

The Smartphone will begin to connect automatically with ZGR-2. when the connection is made, the following screen will appear.

Once the product icon in the following figure stops flashing, the connection is successful. You can now use the software to control your camera.


Step 5. Shooting

Press the product icon. When the following mark appears, the connection is good, and the signal is strong. You can now take pictures.


Description of the functions in the main operation interface


Popup Menu Description of Main Interface

Press the product connecting status icon to display the following accessories list.

This application supports Automatic Timer Mode and Manual Mode.

The Automatic Timer Mode includes exposure time, interval time, and delay time set up functions. Manual mode provides a remote shutter release function.


Automatic Timer Mode


Step1 Camera Setting


For using the long-exposure time function, Nikon DSLR cameras MUST be set as following:

Exposure Mode Manual
Shutter Speed BULB


To use the interval time function, Nikon DSLR cameras MUST be set as following.

Interval Timer OFF

Certainly, both functions above can be used simultaneously.


Step2 Mode Switch


Press the icon shown below, following the direction of the arrow, to enable the exposure time set function


Step3 Set Exposure Time


When the exposure time is set to 00:00:00, the camera shutter speed is controlled by the camera itself


Step4 Set the number number of shots, interval time, and delay time



Step5 Take Photos


Push the red button or use the iPhone’s volume button to control focus, shut and hold status.




Exposure time: 0s to 99hrs 59min 59s in one-second increments

Interval: 1s to 90min in couple second increments

Delay Start: 0s to 90min in couple second increments

Number of shots: 1 to 6000


Manual Mode


You can switch the timer into manual mode, and adjust the focus mode of the camera lens.

Focus Mode Auto Focus or Manual


Press the red button or use the iPhone’s volume button to control focus, shut and hold status.

Since the ACCESSORY obtains GPS and map information from the Smartphone, it is as accurate as the smartphone it is connected to.

Smartphones use A-GPS (“Assisted GPS”) which, in basic terms, accesses an intermediary server when it is not possible to connect directly to a satellite -- indoors, for example -- and this server provides the nearest satellite with additional information to more accurately determine the users’ position.

Smartphones also use Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular towers to get the most accurate location quickly when GPS is not the most convenient method of location detection. Sometimes a smartphone is somewhere otherwise inaccessible to GPS, such as in the ocean, on a mountain, or underground. In these cases, you can get a more accurate position by adjusting your GPS position manually.


Step1 Confirm the Smartphone GPS Function


When the GPS icon turns green, GPS data is being sent to the camera.


When the GPS icon turns red, GPS is not working correctly or is disabled. Open [Settings], open [Location Services], and enable the [ZGR-1 Nikon] application.


When the GPS icon turns gray, the GPS transfer function is disabled by the application. Press the GPS icon to enable the GPS transfer function.


If the icon is yellow, the smartphone is searching for GPS data. Please wait, or check the GPS settings of your phone.


Step2 Confirm the GPS on your camera


For NIKON users, a GPS icon will be displayed in the control panel on the top of the camera.


Step3 Confirm GPS data in your Camera


To view GPS data, select GPS → Position in the camera setup menu. (This option is not available with the D2X, D2XS, D2HS, and D200 cameras.) The current latitude, longitude, altitude, and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) will be displayed as following.


Step 4. Confirm GPS Data in your Photos.



Extended Functions


Press for GPS settings, and use the top right switch to enable/disable GPS function. The blue point shows your current location, and the red pin shows the GPS location. By default, the red pin tracks your current location. You can move it to a new location for your photographs

For ease of use, accessory names may be changed. Multiple ZGR-2 and SmartShutter accessories may be connected. Settings may be set as shown.


To change accessory name


Press the accessory icon


The accessory list will appear, press the blue arrow button.


As shown below, detailed information on the current accessory (including name, signal strength, model number, serial number, firmware, manufacture, etc.) will be displayed. SS series accessories will also display their remaining battery life. Press the arrow to the right of the name of an accessory to change its name.


As shown type into the name text input box your desired name. (At most 15 characters.)


Once the name has been typed in, press DONE on the top right corner to return to the main screen of the app. Press the accessory icon to confirm .


Multiple accessory connection


SmartShutter Application supports the control of one smart phone to multiple ZGR-2 and SmartShutter accessories. If you have multiple cameras, you can connect ZGR-2 and SmartShutter to each of them and control them with one smart phone.

The following is an example of how to connect to two cameras


When a second accessory is connected to a camera, the following will be displayed on the main interface screen (left.) Click SS-1S139433270 accessory to connect (right.) The Smartphone may now control multiple cameras.


You can select an accessory by lightly tapping the left part of the accessory name. All operations will be transmitted to the selected accessory.

Note: This product supports the selection and control of five accessories.

This product is designed for photographers. To facilitate better photography, beyond GPS and timing operation functions, this product can also supply position and time information. Auxiliary information includes compass, sunrise and suset times, GPS logging, tracking data, etc.

Accessory management includes auto stop, internal alarm, picture taking with the volume button or with a phone shake, etc.

This product also provides accessory information, a manual, as well as feedback and support at our website. If you can, please write a five star review and share information on this product with your friends.




Press COMPASS on the upper left corner of the main application screen to enter into the following screen. Turn the phone horizontally to confirm the compass directions. (E, W, S, N, N/E, N/W, E/S, S/W.).


.Accessory management and auxiliary information


Lightly tapon the lower right corner of the main interface screen to enter into accessory management and the auxiliary information screen.


.Sunrise and sunset


Click the right arrow next to SUNRISE AND SUNSET to enter the SUNRISE AND SUNSET screen. The following figure shows the sunrise and sunset information of your current position (automatically calculated based on GPS position and time data.)



Astronomical twilight:

The time when the center of the sun is between 12° and 18° below the horizon

Voyage twilight

The time when the center of the sun is between 6° and 12° below the horizon

Citizen twilight

The time when the geometric center of the sun is 6° below the horizon


The instant at which the upper edge of the Sun appears on the horizon


An imaginary arc on the Earth's surface from the North Pole to the South Pole


The daily disappearance of the Sun below the western half of the horizon


. GPS Logger and tracking data


This smartphone application provides a GPS track recording function.

This function can work independently of the camera. Tracking smartphone data can be automatically recorded adn stored in the smartphone. The saved data can e recorded into photo data by special software during post-processing. ZGR-2 and SmartShutter users can use this function to process the position information of pictures.


.Method of merging GPS data into EXIF in post-processing


Step 1. Get GPS data


Lightly tap the word SENDING on the upper right corner of the uper left figure to open teh figure below.

This application saves standard gpx data file for post-processing. Users can send the gps data saved in the smartphone through the following options.

Open in

Get gpx data through Dropbox in smart phone

Mail logs

Send gpx data to the designated mail address

Share in iTunes

Get gpx data through iTunes

Delete all

Delete all GPS information


Edit and delete GPS information


Step 2. Add GPS information to photo EXIF through software


Many free software programs are designed to merge gpx data with photos, such as NIKON viewNX2. For details, please refer to the instructions of those software programs.


.Automatically stop GPS


In order to reduce the considerable power consumption caused by the GPS function, this application allows you to control how long after the app begins to run in background mode to continue transmitting GPS data.


Users can select a time in the figure above to stop sending GPS information to the ZGR-2. After the above time limit is reached, the smartphone will automatically stop sending GPS information, even if the smartphone is not currently being used.


.Send information to camera


.Interval Alarm


Starts or stops warning tone. If selected, a three beat tone plays before exposure.


.Take with volume button


For convenient shooting, the volume button on the side of the smartphone can be used to lock and unlock shooting. The Volume up button may be set to lock status, which will put the ap’s red button in lock position. The volume down button will unlock shooting status, which will push the apps’ red button into focus position.


.Take with shake


For convenient shooting, this option allows you to shake your smartphone to trigger the shutter. If this option is selected, shaking the smartphone while the app is at the main interface screen will have the same effect as pressing the shutter button.


.Accessory information


This option displays accessory information and allows you change accessory names. Please refer to an earlier section of the manual to change an accessory’s name.



Displays the accessory opeartion manual


.Feedback and support

Send email to the support center, and feedback advice


.Write a reviewく

Enters into iTunes to give a review


.Share with friends

Share with friends through email, Twitter, Facebook, Vkontaket, LinkedIn, etc. Visit the ZestySystems homepage to read the latest product information.



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Name Wireless GPS Unit and Timer Remote Controller Wireless Timer Remote Controller and GPS Logger
No ZGR-2a ZGR-2b SS-C1 SS-C1 SS-O1 SS-S1
Jan Code 4562343221031 4562343221048 4562343221123 4562343221116 4562343221154 4562343221161
Interface 10pin Round Connector 10pin Square Socket N3 Type E3 Type Multi-USB Connector Sony
Power Consumption Approx. 10mW Approx. 3mW
Size 58(H)x20(W)x23(D) 61(H)x20(W)x8(D)mm Control Unit:45(H)x26(W)x11(D)mm Cable:Approx. 11mm~13mm
Weight Approx. 20g Approx. 20g Approx. 25g
Environment Temp: 0 °C – 40 °C/32 °F – 104 °F. Humidtiy : 20% - 80%
Package Size 135(H)×70(W)×28(D)mm 135(H)×70(W)×20(D)mm 135(H)×70(W)×20(D)mm
Package Weight Approx. 40g Approx. 40g Approx. 50g
Certification/Directive TELEC, CE, RoHS

Please send emails to the following address if you have any questions

  [email protected]